UKOUG Apps 2017

Just a short note to say that I am proud to be selected as a speaker for UKOUG Apps 2017!

I will even give 2 presentations. On Monday I will present ‘Customizing Autoconfig/RapidClone’. Then on Tuesday I will present ‘Auditing the Oracle eBusiness Suite’.

The first presentation is about further optimizing the Autoconfig and RapidClone processes. Oracle allows users to customize these processes to match their specific requirements / environments. This allows for a very flexible process. Especially since you can add your own parameters to the XML Config file. Then you can add additional templates, or customize the existing templates with (conditional) changes / additions.

In this presentation, I will walk you through the whole process of customizing Autoconfig based on a fictional post-clone script that we’ll incorporate in the Autoconfig process.

The second presentation is of course about Auditing eBusiness Suite. We’ll go over the different options (the eBS provided signon Audit Trail and transaction Audit Trail, database audit trail, audit vault, OS level auditing). Each auditing option has a different purpose. And you will need different options to provide a meaningful and comprehensive audit trail.

One presentation is too short to build a full auditing solution. But I’ll try to give you a headstart on designing your own auditing.


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