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eBS Troubleshooting

Oracle eBS troubleshooting


On this webpage, I’ll make a FAQ on common eBS problems and troubleshooting. Probably the format will change over time. But I’ll just start. I use basic flow diagrams, to give an overview of the process. Under the diagrams is an explanation of all the steps.

Ø My concurrent manager does not start


1)      Check if the Internal Manager is running. On Unix, you can run: ps –ef | grep ‘FNDLIBR FND CPMGR’. If this returns a process, check the start time for the process to make sure it is the correct process.

2)      If a process is returned, and it started at the time you started the managers, the ICM is running.

3)      The ICM is not running. First check the adcmctl.txt file. It is found in the process_log directory. (Check your autoconfig xml file or the adcmctl.sh script). It will show the logs for the start-up scripts of the ICM.

4)      The ICM is running, but can’t start the other managers. Most common cause is  the APPS Listener is down. Check for it running with: ps –ef  | grep ‘tnslsnr APPS_<SID>’

5)      If no process is returned, start the apps listener with adalnctl.sh. Wait a minute afterwards, for the ICM to retry starting the managers.

6)      The ICM is running, or was started successfully before it died. Check the logfile from the ICM in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG. By default the file is named <SID>_<proc>.mgr, where proc is the process_id from adcmctl.txt.


Ø Notifications are not being sent by the notification mailer


1)      Look for the notification in ‘wf_notifications’. Check the status, mail_status, recipient_role and notification_id.

2)      If Mail_status = ‘SENT’, the message has been mailed already. If status<>’OPEN’ (Note the difference between status and mail_status), the notification is not eligible to be mailed anymore.

3)      The Notification Mailer has already sent this message. Maybe it was sent to the TEST_ADDRESS  from the Notification Mailer.

4)      Check the mail_preference for the recipient_role from wf_roles.

5)      If the preference is ‘QUERY’, ‘SUMHTML’, ‘SUMMARY’ or ‘DISABLED’ then the recipient will not receive notifications by mail.

6)      Change the preference in the Users preferences. Or test with a different user.

7)  The Notification Mailer reads notifications to send from the queue WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT. Select from the queue-view:

select notification_id,msg_state,msg_id,role,corrid,enq_time,deq_time

from  (select msg_id, o.enq_time, o.deq_time, msg_state

              ,(select str_value

                from   table (o.user_data.header.properties)

                where  name = 'NOTIFICATION_ID') notification_id

              , (select str_value

                 from   table (o.user_data.header.properties)

                 where  name = 'ROLE') role

              , (select str_value

                 from   table (o.user_data.header.properties)

                 where  name = 'Q_CORRELATION_ID') corrid

       from   applsys.aq$wf_notification_out o)         

where notification_id=<notification_id>

and rownum=1;

8)      If you received a result on the query, the notification is in the queue.

9)      The status of the notification in the queue should be ‘READY’. If it is ‘PROCESSED’, or ‘ERROR’, the notification is already dequeued or errored. Otherwise check the status of the queue with:

select name,enqueue_enabled,dequeue_enabled

from dba_queues


10)   The status of the message should be ‘READY’. The ‘ENQUEUE_ENABLED’ and ‘DEQUEUE_ENABLED’ columns should be ‘YES’.

11)   Reprocess the message with the conc. Request. Or stop/start the queue with dbms_aqadm.

12)   Check the Notification Mailer logfile. The notification is ready for the mailer, but it is unable to pick it up. Check if the mailer shut down due to too many errors.

13)   The message is not in ‘WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT’. It can still be queued on the ‘WF_DEFERRED’ queue. Check this queue with:

select v.msg_id,v.msg_state,v.enq_time,v.deq_time,v.corr_id

from   applsys.aq$wf_deferred v

,      table(v.user_data.parameter_list) t

where v.corr_id like 'APPS:oracle.apps.wf.notification.%'


and value = <Notification_id>;

14)   If the query returned results and the msg_state is ‘READY’, the notification is still being processed. Skip to 16

15)   Unfortunately, your notification seems to have gone missing. Consult Oracle Support. Please inform us of the solution in this case, so we can extend the FAQ.

16)   The notification is still in the deferred queue, waiting to be picked up by the ‘Workflow Deferred Notification Agent Listener’. Check the status of this listener. And if needed, check its logfile.

17)   If the Deferred Notification Agent Listener is not running, or erroring

18)   (re)start it.

19)   Check if the Business Event ‘oracle.apps.wf.notification.denormalize’ is enabled and has a subscription to procedure ‘Wf_Notification_Util.Denormalize_RF’.

20)   If either the Business event is disabled, or the subscription non-existent or disabled, go to 21.

21)   Make sure that the Business event is enabled and the subscription is valid and enabled. You will still have to reprocess the notification with the concurrent program to resubmit notifications.

22)   Unfortunately, we can’t locate the issue yet. If you manage to solve the issue please inform us, so we can update this FAQ.